Restoration of a Eroica bike

That’s one thing my collection missed: an “Eroica bike”. This bike dates back to the early 1970s. They told me that it was purchased during the Austerity period, so when you used to travel only with alternate plates and stayed at home on Sundays, we...

Memories about my Marche Trail 2020

These days, I found the photos of my Marche Trail 2020. What an experience. But on the other hand… what experience is not unique with my trusted travel companion 🚴‍♂️? Official departure, obviously in the dark. But you know, the early bird catches the worm. The...

Cycling motivation and Respect

Cycling motivation. Often in the world of cycling, among cyclists, it is usual to comment and express opinions about everyone and everything without restraint and respect. The guy who woke up at 4 am to ride 200 km all at once .. what nonsense! Or the one who rides...

Little Jerusalem in Tuscany

Little Jerusalem in Tuscany. “If you can’t go to Jerusalem, Jerusalem will come to you!” This is in short what Pope Leo X established with his bull in 1516. San Vivaldo, already a refuge for the hermits and a sacred place for some time, was handed...

Thoughts about riding a bike in Tuscany

Small collection of thoughts scattered on some of my trips with my faithful bicycle in my native country: Tuscany. From San Giuliano Terme, in the province of Pisa, to Lucca, I take a road below the mountain. For “below the mountain” in these parts we...


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