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Franco Taddei – @dv99 is gearing up for one of the most challenging events in the world of ultra-distance cycling: the NorthCape4000. This event, now in its seventh edition, starts from Rovereto and finishes at the North Cape, traversing seven European countries: Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Beyond being a test of physical endurance, it represents an exciting adventure through breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures.

During the race, Franco will tackle the route in complete autonomy, managing his nutrition and hydration needs to sustain his daily performance. The organization of his bikepacking will be essential. He will stop along the way to resupply with local food and enjoy the culinary specialties of the countries he passes through, crucial to meet his high caloric needs, estimated at around 8000 calories per day.

The preparation for this event has not only been physical but also mental. Franco started training as early as January, balancing his work commitments with long periods on the bicycle. He has faced similar challenges in the past, such as the Lazio Trail and the Marche Trail, which have taught him to manage the solitude and difficulties of prolonged journeys. Practices like yoga and mindfulness have helped him maintain calm and determination during the toughest moments.

During his preparation, Franco also had to deal with physical issues like back pain and sciatica, treated with specific rehabilitation programs like stretching and osteopathy. These obstacles have strengthened his resolve and prepared him to face the unforeseen challenges he might encounter along the NorthCape4000 route.

For accommodation, Franco will carry an emergency kit but will prefer to sleep in lodgings, recognizing the importance of adequate rest after long days of riding. The support of his family, especially his wife, has been essential in motivating and supporting him during his intensive preparation.

Franco does not carry any rituals or lucky charms but finds strength in the thoughts of his family, who accompany him on this epic challenge. During his hours of cycling, he prefers to fully immerse himself in the experience of the journey and the surrounding landscape, avoiding distractions like music or other entertainments.

His bicycle for the event is a Daccordi AlterEgo, a customized steel gravel bike designed to enhance comfort and efficiency. He replaced the original steel fork with a lighter carbon fork and uses relatively wide road tires – 32 mm – to handle various types of terrain. He will use an extension system that promotes a comfortable position during long rides, prioritizing comfort over speed.

Lastly, Franco has decided to support Dinamo Camp through donations linked to his participation in the NorthCape4000. He invites anyone who wants to contribute to visit his Instagram profile @dv99, where they can find the link to make donations.

With determination and meticulous preparation, Franco Taddei – @dv99 is ready to embark on one of the most significant challenges of his life. His goal is not just to reach the North Cape but also to inspire others to pursue their dreams with tenacity and dedication. Follow his journey on Instagram and stay tuned for updates directly from the NorthCape4000 route.



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