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Beauty and Italian tradition

We identify ourselves with the sense of beauty and Italian tradition, aiming to create aesthetically pleasing bicycles that represent Italian craftsmanship. Furthermore, we emphasise human contact to establish a direct relationship with our customers.

Contrary to consumerism, we promote the idea of bicycles that last for years, with particular attention to reliability and product customisation. We want to offer a quality experience that meets customer expectations and endures over time, so we aim to provide “a bike for a lifetime.” Additionally, we believe in the power of word-of-mouth as a form of advertising, striving to satisfy our customers so that they speak positively of us to others.

The evidence of our values is reflected in the positive feedback from our customers. When we see customers returning to purchase 2 or more bicycles, we realise the quality of our work, making us proud.

Sustainable production is another value of ours. We are committed to reducing environmental impact and using local suppliers to ensure the “made in Italy” label and closer human contact.

We believe in collaborating with reliable partners, continuous innovation, and caring for aesthetic and functional details. Our values translate into products that meet our customers’ expectations and stand the test of time.

If you share our values, let’s have an espresso together through a video call. Become a Daccordi reseller


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Choose your Daccordi bike from our collection. You can decide to have it by selecting among the standard sizes or made to measure for you, for your characteristics and your style.

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