Columbus Spirit tubings are the heart of Borea

Columbus Spirit are pipes that have many qualities. They are catalogued by Columbus itself as “top Performance road”, as they offer lightness and stiffness, perfect characteristics for building a road racing bike. Yes, a racing bike. Can a steel bicycle be...

Some photos around Cerreto Guidi

We took some photos on the hills around Cerreto Guidi. Cerreto Guidi is a small town in the province of Firenze, in Tuscany, Italy. It is located near the town of Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci. Cerreto Guidi is known for its production of quality wines,...

Today is the National Handwriting Day.

Today is the National Handwriting Day. Handwriting is something that expresses yourself, similar to craftsmanship. The use of hands is something in common. They are precious skills which produce beloved works of artwork. Handwriting can be used as a way to express...

We say no to Black Friday

Like every year, we say no to Black Friday. We believe in a fair and sustainable market. Furthermore, we produce the most “green” vehicle in the world. Our prices are not higher for the rest of the year. Our prices are the best we can offer, all over the...

Design on bike: pure technology or back to another era?

Various designers from all over the world often challenge each other with super-technological design bike projects that represent the pinnacle of style. Sometimes bikes make style their only weapon. On other occasions, bikes that exude performance. Yet many look upon...


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