Why do women ride a bike less than men?

Why do women ride a bike less than men? There are a variety of reasons why men tend to ride bikes more than women. One possible explanation is that men are more likely to participate in sports and activities like biking that involve physical exertion. Additionally,...

Borea: evolution of steel

There is so much veracity in the statement: ‘Design is Process’. Everyone can see the evolution of steel. Steel bikes are not the same as the frames built in the ’80es or ’90es. The frames that we fabricate are the outcome of an extensive progression of...

A Daccordi bike in Saigon

We are always pleased when people send us photos of their bikes, even if they are not the most recent bicycles. And yes, in this case you have to admit: it is not a new bike, but it is cool and stylish. We love seeing photos of classic bicycles and how people keep...

February 18 is International Energy Saving Day

Respect for the environment and its protection are highly topical issues. International Energy Saving Day is an anniversary to promote the responsible use of energy resources, encouraging people to reduce their environmental impact. On this day, various initiatives...

Today is the National Handwriting Day.

Today is the National Handwriting Day. Handwriting is something that expresses yourself, similar to craftsmanship. The use of hands is something in common. They are precious skills which produce beloved works of artwork. Handwriting can be used as a way to express...


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