Custom bike. Who needs it in 2022?

Custom bikes can seem like an extravagance nowadays. The market has accustomed us to all sorts of adjustments applicable to standard bikes: stems of various sizes and angles. Seatposts with multiple setbacks. Saddles and handlebars offer different positions. And so...

Why choosing a 650C wheels road bike

Quite hard to find in the market: a 650c racing bike. Who needs this size of wheels? People who are not tall. And to build a custom bike, 650c wheels can be a choice. But there are some pros and cons, mainly given by the availability on the market of wheelset and...

who should ride a custom bike

A custom bike is a longtime dream of many riders. Not everything is better in a handmade custom version. But when it comes to road bikes, even the best standard bikes can’t compare to good custom versions. Sponsors pay Pro-riders to use standard bikes, but many...

Why a tube-to-tube carbon frame is superior quality

In the previous article, we explained how a carbon layering frame takes place. We have told you about the quality obtained by adding the right mix of resins and kevlar, but we have also said that we get a slight increase in weight. It is easier to get off the weight...

The process for making carbon bikes in Italy

The pipes for carbon bikes manufactured in Italy reach a superior quality for resistance, elasticity, traction and withstanding the breaking load. The carbon fibres The external lamination does not give the quality of a carbon frame. This is expressed in...


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