Are you interested in one of our bikes, but would you like customizations and variations to the model described? Our team at Daccordi will be at your complete disposal to provide you with further information and details.

  • Custom Size: + 250.00 € (vat excluded)
    (made-to-measure geometries and sizes)
  • * Custom colours: + 250.00 € (vat excluded)
    (different colours from our proposals)

You can discuss with us the availability of special colours

*For the Magma, Idioma, Viator, Romea is possible to customize only the color.

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Tailor-made bycicles with custom handmade frames.

A bicycle is like a suit.
You can buy a beautiful standard suit, or order one made to measure from a tailor.

This is how  we build our bicycles. You can buy standard-fit bikes.

They will be beautiful and perform, but if you want something more, the only answer would be a custom built bicycle. Custom made for your body, your riding style and on the distance and routes you choose to ride your bicycle.

To the craftsman …

How does a tailor create from his workshop? By measuring your body. In our field this is called anthropometry and is the basis of bike fitting, which is needed in order to build a custom bike. However, other factors influence the final size of a bicycle: the type of pedals, the type of terrain where it will be ridden and – maybe the most important – your style!

You can download this document, fill it in and send it back by fax at the n. +39 0571 401447 or email to

We will contact you and have a chat about your cycling needs. We need to know you to be able to build your own custom bike.


Choose your Daccordi bike from our collection. You can decide to have it by selecting among the standard sizes or made to measure for you, for your characteristics and your style. ORDER YOUR DACCORDI

How to take measurements at home in the correct way to order a Daccordi bike

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