The ultimate bicycle

That’s what most of our customers demand.
However, what do we mean by “the ultimate bicycle”?
The fastest and most high-performance bike?
The lightest?
The most expensive or prestigious?

We interpret this request by creating bicycles that are highly reliable and high-performing. Our bicycles are customized and unique but also lightweight and responsive. Up to this point, it might seem like what many bicycle companies aspire to achieve. What sets a Daccordi bicycle apart is its soul, capable of establishing a special connection with the rider, just like in the most beautiful love stories.

Quality and knowledge

 The Daccordi bicycle is born from high-quality materials, the knowledge of master craftsmen, and production in Italy. The price of a Daccordi bicycle is fair and does not include costs derived from a World Tour team, expensive influencers, or ongoing marketing campaigns.

Valuable materials

Our mission is to offer a product that reflects the cyclist who will use it. To achieve this goal, we need the best raw materials. We don’t want to betray the cyclist who chooses one of our bicycles. For the cyclist to identify with our bicycles, we must start with valuable materials.

4 fundamental principles

 Inside each Daccordi bicycle, you will find four fundamental principles that reflect our mission:

  • robustness, because we know that those who choose Daccordi desire a bike that lasts for 20 years or more;
  • handling, a distinctive feature of Daccordi bicycles since the beginning;
  • comfort, which we have always supported in Daccordi and which transforms into performance over the kilometres ridden;
  • customization and uniqueness, because riding a bicycle with the perfect measurements is a determining factor in improving performance, but it also represents a source of pride and satisfaction, knowing that no one else is using an identical bike.

When we design and calculate the sizes of a new frame, we have the name of the cyclist who will use the Daccordi bicycle in front of us—people who do things for other people instead of moulds or mass productions without a soul.


Choose your Daccordi bike from our collection. You can decide to have it by selecting among the standard sizes or made to measure for you, for your characteristics and your style.

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