Daccordi‘s sustainable production is presented in a transparent and unequivocal manner. We don’t just proclaim ourselves as friends of the environment through superficial measures such as offsetting our emissions by planting trees in remote forests or using a small percentage of eco-friendly materials.

First and foremost, we create bicycles that are designed to last.

We don’t believe in the throwaway economy.

Our customers are not just mere “consumers,” but individuals who love bicycles, and cycling enthusiasts. We seek to offer them not only a trendy product but also a loyal companion that can last for many years, perhaps a lifetime.

This also represents the concept of ecological sustainability for us: a mindset shift to adapt to a new era.

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Secondly, our production takes place in Italy. 

We adhere to Italy’s rigorous regulations regarding pollution.

This means that we dispose of our waste in accordance with the applicable laws: carbon, steel, aluminium, paint scraps… every element is disposed of correctly. Italy is one of the countries with the strictest restrictions in this area. However, producing in Italy also entails sourcing raw materials from Italian companies that, like us, comply with national laws to combat pollution.

The results are a significant increase in production costs compared to importing products made abroad, but we firmly believe that we are acting in the best way for the future of our planet.

Thirdly, we produce on demand, in small quantities. 

We don’t start production lines that involve manufacturing 5,000 or 10,000 units, which are only sold if they find a favourable market response.

Otherwise, they risk becoming a surplus that is first liquidated at discounted prices and then transformed into waste. It may take up to three months for a Daccordi frame to be produced, but we don’t waste anything.

Nothing is thrown in the trash.

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Photovoltaic system

Since 2012, we have been powering our energy through a 37 kW . We are proud of the significant financial investment we have made in the past to progress as photovoltaic systema company.

Lastly but not least important, at Daccordi we practice what we preach.

We create the most environmentally friendly means of transportation in the world, and most of our employees commute to work by bicycle. A study conducted by ISFORT (Higher Institute of Training and Research for Transportation) reveals that 77.6% of trips in Italy are less than 10 km, while 30% are less than 2 km.

We dream of transforming at least 30% of this into bicycles. To remove approximately 15 million cars from the road and improve everyone’s quality of life.

We dream of transforming at least 30% of this into bicycles. To remove approximately 15 million cars from the road and improve everyone’s quality of life.

sostenibilità, smaltimento rifiuti daccordi


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