Giuseppe Daccordi founds the Daccordi Bicycle Factory

Initially, however, the Daccordi brand did not exist.  The factory only produces on behalf of third parties.

La storia Daccordi anno 1937


War makes life impossible.

Giuseppe Daccordi is forced to collect bullet casings to extract the copper forwelding.  The discovery of a lathe left by the U.S. Army gives new life top roduction.
La storia Daccordi anno 1945


Daccordi city bikes make a name forthemselves thanks to their quality.

Giuseppe Daccordi starts building racing bikes.  The historic collaboration with Columbus begins.

La storia Daccordi anni 50


Daccordi produces frames for various brands.

The most famous is Viner, butalso Gipel, Iacopini, Morini, Nieri, and Zapier have bikes made by the Daccordi bike factory in their range.
La storia Daccordi anni 60


Luigi Daccordi gets into the factory.

La storia Daccordi anno 1961


Luigi wants his own brand.

So, he comes into conflict with his father, Giuseppe. For this reason, Luigi leaves the family business.

La storia Daccordi anno 1970


Luigi Daccordi returns.

Luigi Daccordi returns to the company and starts working to found his own brand.

La storia Daccordi anno 1974


The company’s internal painting plant ismade, which allows for high customization of the frames.

La storia Daccordi anno 1976


The Daccordi brand was born.

Presentation of the Daccordi Brand at the Expo Milano.

La storia Daccordi anno 1981


The first official Daccordi catalogue has been released.

The top frame is the Turbo, built with Oria star-shaped pipes.

La storia Daccordi anno 1983

80s – 90s

The American brand Bertoni enters intoan agreement with Daccordi.

Bertoni bikes are made in San Miniato
La storia Daccordi anni 80 90


Daccordi produces the frames with the internal route brake cables.

Series of unique hand-painted frame swith graphics still highly sought after by vintage lovers
La storia Daccordi anno 1985


50 years of Daccordi celebrated withan iconic bike

The Daccordi 50th Anniversary, originally equipped with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary.  Less than 2000 pieces produced, a must-have for vintage enthusiasts.   Technically, the fork with an ultra-aero dynamic head stands out.

La storia Daccordi anno 1987


Daccordi begins the adventure among the Professional Teams.

Johan Van Der Velde is the protagonist of the epic stage on the Gavia under the snow.
He won the purple jersey, while Adriano Baffi is among the most victorious pros of the year.
La storia Daccordi anno 1988


Sabrina Bulleri won three gold medals and a bronze with a wheelchair made by Daccordi.

Sabrina Bulleri won three gold medals and a bronze medal at the 1988 Summer Paralympic Games in Seoul with a wheelchair made by Daccordi.
She died untimely in 2000. In the Natural Park of Migliarino, close to Pisa, an accessible path was dedicated to her, the Bulleri path.

La storia Daccordi anno 1988


Belgian Danny De Bie is Cyclocross World Champion with a Daccordi bike.

Daccordi is the technical sponsor of 2 professional teams: the Italian Jolly Componibili and the Belgian Sefb Spaarbank.
La storia Daccordi anno 1989


The Norwegian brand DBS signs an agreement with Daccordi.

DBS bikes are made in San Miniato. Among the most famous models the “DBS LaMigliore”

La storia Daccordi anni 90


Leonardo Sierra on a Daccordi Original bike

It is the first time in history that the terrible Mortirolo is climbed at the Giro d’Italia, and the victory goes to the Venezuelan Leonardo Sierra on a Daccordi Original bike.
La storia Daccordi anno 1990


The first Daccordi mountain bike is produced.

La storia Daccordi anno 1990


The first Daccordi titanium frame is produced.

La storia Daccordi anno 1991


Daccordi patents the Multidimensional bottom bracket

The Multidimensional bottom bracket, shortens the rear triangle and makes the bikes stiffer and more responsive.
La storia Daccordi anno 1991

1992 – 1993

These are fantastic years for Daccordi.

Some of the cult models of the bike lovers of the time are created:  the Opera, the Griffe, the Original and the Mitico.

La storia Daccordi anno 1992-3

90s – 2000s

Sponsor of Colombia Selle

Thanks to the agreement with Gianni Savio, Daccordi has been the technical sponsor of Colombia Selle Italia foral most 15 years. All the great South American champions have pedalled onDaccordi: Chepe Gonzales, FredyGonzales, Hernan Buenahora, Leonardo Sierra, Cacaito Rodriguez, Carlos Contreras, Israel Ochoa, Ruber Marin, Marlon Perez, José Rujano.
La storia Daccordi anni 90 2000


Daccordi makes Ceramix

Daccordi makes Ceramix, the superlight aluminium and ceramic frame, which requires a particular manufacturing technique.
La storia Daccordi anno 1996


Norwegian Kurt Asle Arvesen is the Under 23 World Champion with a DBS La Migliore bike produced by Daccordi.

This victory reminds us that the Daccordi brand has always been associated with youth categories.

La storia Daccordi anno 1997



A unique series of frames called “Paintstorm” is created, with bright colours and unique varnishing.
La storia Daccordi anno 1999


Fly was born.

The Fly model was created, with Easton Scandium pipes, and Piuma, with Columbus Starship 6000 tubings.  These are the first frames to go under a kilo of weight.
La storia Daccordi anno 2000


The time is ripe for full carbon frames.

Luigi Daccordi decides to switch toin-house production without importing, as most brands will do.  It is a significant technical and working update for all the artisans involved in the Daccordi factory.

La storia Daccordi anno 2003


Czechoslovakian Roman Kreuziger is the Junior World Champion on a Daccordi bike.

He will then become a great champion, even among professionals.
La storia Daccordi anno 2004


Daccordi is the first to invent the “Super Over Spin Drive” movement.

The ancestor of the Press Fit bottom bracket.  The innovative “Drag Reduction Tech” system was created to minimize the air vortex of the wheels, thanks to computers that simulate the wind tunnel.
La storia Daccordi anno 2005


A limited series of hand-airbrushed carbon Sansone model frames is created.

La storia Daccordi anno 2006


Daccordi is the first in the world to solve the problem of Shimming on carbon frames.

The Shimming is a vibration that affects many carbon frames at high speeds, creating a wing on the horizontal tube of the Sansone model.
La storia Daccordi anno 2007


Daccordi leave the professional cycling.

The Cycling World Tour started, making sponsorship costs unsustainable for an independent brand. Daccordi leave sprofessional cycling. On his bikes, among others, have ridden Romāns Vainšteins, Johan Bruyneel, Vladimir Poulnikov, Angelo Citracca, Cesare Cipollini, Palmiro Masciarelli, Andrea Tafi,  SteveChainel.  But also in the women’s field Svetlana Bubnenkova, Edita Pučinskaitė and Giorgia Bronzini.
La storia Daccordi anno 2008


Daccordi collaborates width a private GT3 team.

Daccordi collaborates to produce carbon roll bars for a private GT3 team that uses Porsche cars. The roll bars will be legally FIA homologated.

La storia Daccordi anno 2009


Daccordi introduces Diavola, the first Italian Fat Bike in history.

La storia Daccordi anno 2012


Daccordi and the photovoltaic system.

The Daccordi bike factory become senergy independent thanks to the creation of a 37000Kw photovoltaic system.
La storia Daccordi anno 2012


Yoshiyasu Tamura hand-paints a Daccordi frame.

The famous Japanese Mangaka Yoshiyasu Tamura hand-paints a Daccordi frame to ride himself on the roads of “L’Eroica“. From this cycling adventure in Italy Yoshiyasu published a Manga story in Japan.

La storia Daccordi anno 2012


Luigi’s daughter Sena Daccordi joins the company.

La storia Daccordi anni 10


Luca Alinari chooses Daccordi bikes.

The artist Luca Alinari chooses Daccordi bikes as a background forhis exhibition on the occasion of the Cycling World Championships in Florence.

La storia Daccordi anno 2013


Horse racing competitions.

Daccordi produces some carbon and aluminium sulky for horse racing competitions.

La storia Daccordi anno 2014


Joyce Brian paints and signs a Daccordi carbon frame.

New York artist Joyce Brian hand paints and signs a Daccordi carbon frame, then sold in Germany.
La storia Daccordi anno 2015


New steel Gravel bike Daccordi.

La storia Daccordi anno 2018


Daccordi creates Flexus.

Daccordi creates Flexus, the first carbon dismountable racing frame in the world.  It is delivered with the aluminium travel case built by Daccordi.
La storia Daccordi anno 2018


Annibale is the first Daccordi Monster Bike.

The very first model is hand painted by the Tuscan artist Irene Campinoti.
La storia Daccordi anno 2022


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