Daccordi’s DNA

We have been passionately building bicycles for passionate people for more than 80 years.

Our bicycles are handmade, using a made-to-measure approach and taking care of the smallest details for those who will ride our bikes. As an independent bike company, we care about your custom-bike.

We choose the materials, the assembly technique and the various components to modify the original design to meet our customer’s needs, which are never the same as another.

We want our designs to be fast, performing and reliable bicycles that never fail to give our customers the feeling of utter perfection for many years without taking away from its style over time.

Passion and quality

Passion for an all-round view about cycling is our mission: from the bicycle as a means of transportation to competition bikes, to everything that is an off road bike.

At Daccordi we view the world with an open mind and with curiosity to increase our skills, without stopping and getting caught up in preconceptions.

For all these reasons we are committed in pursuing excellence every day, design after design, weld after weld, rider after rider.

Tradition and Innovation

Although we have always been loyal to the Italian tradition in frame building we have continually renewed our work while changing and broadening the range of our products and new trends in the cycling world such as new technologies, new philosophies about the bike fitting, riding styles and emerging components.

Daccordi’s tradition and innovation are mixed every day to create beauty and to pursue excellence  in Italian bicycle frame building .

Daccordi’s  History

The beginning

Daccordi was founded in the 1937 in Tuscany, thanks to 24 year old Giuseppe Daccordi‘s  cycling passion.

In the beginning, the most part of the bicycles were not designed as high technology units made for sport use, but rather precious means of transportion which was focused on bicycles we call today “city bikes”.

However, after WWII there were changes. Cycling established itself as one of the most popular sports thanks to their use among common people, and the celebrated Italian heroes of cycling Coppi and Bartali. Because of this cycling evolution, the  two craftsmen working on racing bicycles and building frames for some of the most famous brands of that time.

Luigi Daccordi: The Paradigm Shift

In the 1960s the two co-founders left the helm of the company to Giuseppe’s son, Luigi Daccordi, who radically changed the company’s trademark.

In addition to the creative skills inherited by his father, Luigi decided to create his own brand. Almost twenty years later, in 1981, the new Daccordi became well-known in Italy and abroad with its participation at Milano’s cycle and motorcycle expo.

Since then, Daccordi means fast and durable bicycles, extremely detailed and on the perfect balance between tradition and innovation: the past mixed with the future and high quality with the present.


We love cycling.  Why? Because besides one’s feet, cycling is the most ecological means of transportion.

This shows how important the environment is for Daccordi.

This approach took shape in the beginning of the new millennium when, during the construction of the new factory, we invested renewable energy with the newest technologies.  This allowed for high thermal insulation in the building with the aim to reduce dependence on energy providers.  All of this thanks to a 37000 Kwh/year solar power system.

We decrease our environmental impact and at the same time the whole manufacturing process is more efficient.

Daccordi’s Atelier

Often the idea for a new bike takes shape while travelling the world, observing and comparing to what we know as reality.  These ideas are then developed in our workshop, designed and customized for each customer.

The final product is then placed in the hands of the Daccordi craftsman, Luigi himself.

All frame production takes place at Daccordi to keep a close eye on all production phases.

Our craftsmanship is paired with innovative technologies which allow for complete product control for the final product itself, the bicycle.
The tubing is cut and shaped according to bike size, then they go on to the bonding or welding stage, depending on the material used to build the frame.  Materials used for the frame can be carbon fiber, steel, titanium, or aluminum.

The frame is refined and accurately checked, then prepared for the delicate painting process, which takes place in a specific area of our factory.

Lastly, the frame is polished and then equipped with the best quality components, and adjusted to meet the cyclist’s needs.


Choose your Daccordi bike from our collection. You can decide to have it by selecting among the standard sizes or made to measure for you, for your characteristics and your style. ORDER YOUR DACCORDI

How to take measurements at home in the correct way to order a Daccordi bike

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