incontri in bici pedalando cycling together

When your great impulse and the Cosmos conspire to facilitate the encounter with characters who have, like you, the same vision (or/and beyond) of a situation, you are amazed. We know that it is not easy to have the time, modesty, humility, and good fortune to meet such individuals. But if fate smiles at you, you will be forever grateful. In some cases, the characters in question come to you as light breezes that give you a pleasant relief, but sometimes this wind is so strong that it almost moves you to lose your balance. Jimbo gave me this feeling! We met during a series of crossings with mutual friends, and I was lucky enough to cycling together and hear the beautiful story of him, who, given his young age, is as incredible as his passion for the world of cycling. The backlash that the encounter with characters like Jimbo gives you makes you lose control of reality, so much so that you want to leave the house, not forgetting your dear bike. The side effects, which appear almost immediately given the impossibility of doing so, are exhaustion, malaise, dizziness and skin rash. When you have the head, you have no legs, and when you have legs you have no head. Thanks to Jimbo, however, I extended my Rem phase.


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