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We are thrilled to share with you a truly special project! This is a story of passion for cycling and a connection with the beauty of Arizona sunsets.

Marco, already an avid cyclist on a Daccordi carbon road bike, decided to add a custom gravel bike to his collection. His request wasn’t just for customization of geometries but also to capture the essence of the breathtaking sunsets of his homeland.

bici tramonto arizona

With a palette of colors ranging from fiery reds to vibrant oranges and deep blues, Arizona sunsets are an endless source of inspiration. Marco wanted this explosion of colors reflected in his new Daccordi Borea gravel bike.

We enthusiastically accepted the challenge and crafted a custom frame using lightweight Columbus Spirit tubing. The result? A masterpiece of engineering and design that reflects Marco’s passion for cycling and love for his land.

borea gravel acciaio

Once the frame was delivered to Arizona, Marco meticulously completed his bike with attention to detail. He chose a Campagnolo Ekar single-chainring groupset for its impeccable performance and reliability. Campagnolo Shamal carbon wheels ensure a smooth and responsive ride on any terrain. And for a final touch of class, a Coefficient Cycling carbon handlebar completes the look and performance of this unique bike.

manubrio coefficient gravel

Now, this Daccordi Borea gravel bike is not just a bicycle but a tangible expression of passion, craftsmanship, and inspiration that drives it. Riding along the roads of Arizona on this two-wheeled wonder is a tribute to the beauty of nature and the joy of cycling.

Thank you, Marco, for allowing us to be part of this adventure. May this bike always bring you closer to your land and your passion for cycling!

daccordi borea gravel campagnolo ekar


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