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In the world of cycling, few things evoke a sense of nostalgia and respect like a high-quality steel frame. Daccordi’s Profidea is one of those cycling treasures that embodies the very essence of tradition and innovation. With over two decades of history, this frame stands as a cornerstone among Italian frames.

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Born in 1995 for the prestigious professional team Glacial Selle Italia, the Profidea underwent a tumultuous journey through the rapid currents of technological change. In an era dominated by aluminum and promises of lightness and rigidity, the Profidea was initially overshadowed. However, its resilient spirit and timeless design allowed this frame to withstand the trends of the moment and remain relevant in the cycling landscape.

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The winds have changed over the years. What was once considered obsolete has regained charm and allure. The advent of carbon brought a revolution to the world of racing bikes, but it also stirred a sort of nostalgia for steel, prized for its stable and comfortable ride and its timeless classic appearance. And so, with cyclists’ enthusiasm for the roots of cycling and the rediscovery of steel’s qualities, the Profidea has found a new lease on life.

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The story of the Profidea is one of continuous adaptation and innovation. To meet the needs of modern cyclists, Daccordi has revitalized and enhanced this frame, incorporating cutting-edge features such as tapered steering and compatibility with disc brakes. These modifications not only keep the Profidea in step with the times but also position it as a modern icon of cycling design.

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In the photos, this is a new custom-made Profidea: painted in an elegant white with silver lettering, the Italian flag proudly waves on the fork, a symbol of pride and belonging. But it’s the small details that truly capture attention: three red hearts, delicately painted on the rear frame, adding a touch of romance and individuality.

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However, what truly sets the Profidea apart goes beyond its technical specifications. It’s the emotional bond that cyclists develop with this frame, a connection that transcends pure functionality. It’s the homage to the tradition and history of cycling, embodied in every weld and curve of the frame. It’s the feeling of freedom and adventure experienced when riding a bicycle that has traversed epochs and generations, a gem among true Italian frames.

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