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A bicycle is like a suit. You can buy a beautiful standard suit, or order one made to measure from a tailor.


This is how  we build our bicycles. You can buy standard-fit bikes.

If you chose a standard Daccordi, contact us and let us know which bicycle or frame you are interested in, or you can email at  info@daccordicycles.com


They will be beautiful and perform, but if you want something more, the only answer would be a custom built bicycle. Custom made for your body, your riding style and on the distance and routes you choose to ride your bicycle.

If you have chosen a custom-made bike we need your body measurements. This is fundamental for building a custom bike.

How to take measurements at home in the correct way to order a Daccordi bike

Video tutorial Italian version to help people take body measurements from home in a simple and correct way.
The help of an external person is required, just like in the video.
Attention: The following videos do not claim to be absolute tutorials but are functional only and exclusively to the DACCORDI Bikefitting and Bikesizing system

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