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Configurazione Borea Gravel Daccordi arancio


Design takes on a primary role in the bicycle. It is both an object to pedal and admire. Wires and cables do not fit into our modern idea of ​​aesthetics. Thus, Idioma is the successor of Viator. We’ve made sure it doesn’t lose the technical characteristics that made its predecessor so loved by cyclists. It is crafted with extra gears.

Stiff, reactive, aerodynamic, and precise. This is how we describe Viator, and so it is how we describe Idioma too. At the base of our models, we always keep the cornerstones of driveability, resistance, and comfort. The compact rear triangle and the carbon fibre are designed to cause a high absorption of the stress geometry. The seat tube is gently inclined, giving comfort; at the same time, it is also reinforced by the pentagonal shape of the tubing. The top tube is almost horizontal and completely detaches from the super compact rear stay. The bike aesthetic is both perfectly modern and classic. Choose Idioma if you want an ultra-modern bike that’s beautiful to look at and high performing. But, most of all, choose Idioma if you care about modernity but want to keep a dose of comfort for your rides. It is nice to ride a professional bike, but we don’t have to put ourselves through everything professionals go through.

  • Tubazioni Columbus Spirit [Acciaio Niobium]
  • filled brazing

  • PESO al grezzo
  • Weight can vary based on size, finish, options and accessories and determining the exact weight of a frame/bike often gives incorrect data. All our bikes are designed for best-in-class weight and ride quality.

  • Carbon monocoque 1” 1/8 – 1” 1/2.

  • ITA or BSA

  • 27,2 mm

  • Disco

Triple-reinforced Niobium steel pipes with reduced thickness up to 0.38 mm. Tensile strength of this steel between 1,050 and 1,250 Mpa, yield strength above 705 MPa, elongation capacity greater than 14%. Optimized design according to the orientation of tensions and forces. Incomparable weight-to-torque ratio.

Despite their lightness, Spirit Columbus pipes ensure all the reliability needed to tackle gravel routes. It is the best Italian steel for a great Italian bike.

The tapered fork with external headset refine aesthetics, driveability and lightness, without losing sight of the possibility of equipping the bike with luggage racks and other accessories.


Gravel Size Guide eng

* Geometry and sizes are subject to change.
Borea Gravel Daccordi arancio
Borea Gravel Daccordi arancio
Borea Gravel Daccordi arancio
Borea Gravel Daccordi arancio

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Starting from 2.265 VAT EXCLUDED


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Gruppo Ruote Prezzo suggerito al pubblico
Campagnolo Ekar 13V DB Miche Graff XL TBL DB 5.210 € + vat
Campagnolo Ekar GT 13V DB Fulcrum RAPID Red 900 DB 4.098 € + vat
Shimano GRX 12Vx2 Mechanical DB Miche Graff XL TBL DB 4.828 € + vat
Shimano GRX 12Vx1 Mechanical DB Fulcrum RAPID Red 900 DB 4.336 € + vat
Sram Rvatl XPLR 12Vx1 Mechanical DB Miche Graff XL TBL DB 4.836 € + vat
Sram Apex XPLR 12Vx1 Mechanical DB Fulcrum RAPID Red 900 DB 4.172 € + vat


  • The prices of complete bikes include pedals and bottle cage.
  • Transport costs and any insurance are excluded.
  • Assembly components may vary depending on actual warehouse availability; in this case, they will be replaced with others of equal quality and value.
  • For non-EU countries, the buyer is responsible for customs operations expenses, import duties, and national taxes.
  • Designed, made and painted in Italy
  • Video call to discuss the best bike and fitting for you
  • Simulation drawings for colour/Colour-simulated drawings
  • After-Sales Service: we offer support in assembling your bike

Borea Gravel tailor-made

if you want and demand more, then the answer can only be found in the custom-made Borea Gravel frame. Tailored to fit your size and riding style for the routes and distances you will cover.

  • Custom sizes: starting from​+ 250,00 € (geometries and sizes)
  • Custom colours: starting from + 250,00 € (colours different from our proposals). You can discuss the availability of unique colours with us.
  • Custom-made Borea Gravel frame. Tailored to fit your size and riding style for the routes and distances you will cover.


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