Matte Black bikes Vs Gloss Black

Black is the non-colour. Science tells us that black is black because it absorbs all light, reflecting nothing. The cult of black has ancient roots that span centuries and has kept its evocative power and elegance unchanged over time. No one is immune to its charms. Because of that black has always been an aura of nobility, mystery and impenetrable beauty.

But black is just not black. There are many different black finishes for black fans to choose from when caring for bikes, such as flat, matte, gloss or satin. But the most common and most fashionable in the carbon era are simply matt and gloss.

Matte Black bikes Vs Gloss Black 2

What is Matte Black Paint?

The surface on a matte black frame is not shiny at all and can be described as a non-gloss, but not quite a full-on flat “murdered out” finish either. It absorbs more light and stays darker. Matte black can look very classy and sophisticated.

Is a Matte Black bike easy to maintain?

No, it is not. Matte black tends to show scratches and other blemishes more prominently than most other colours due to its lack of shine. This means that it will require frequent polishing to maintain a pristine appearance and special products to take care of the frame. However, this may be a small price to pay for those who admire the colour’s high-tech look.

What is Semi-Gloss Black Paint?

It is halfway between Matte Black bikes and Gloss Black. Semi-gloss black paint is a type of paint that has a high level of reflectivity and gives the bike a shiny finish. It is often used on luxury cars or show cars. And it is often quite expensive. Among bikes, it is a less common choice because on the narrow surface of a frame doesn’t appear so much different from a gloss black bike.

Matte Black Vs Gloss Black: Head To Head Comparison

Although technically both are black, there are significant differences you can notice. The glossiness is not the only difference. There is a distinction to be made between polishing, cleaning, and protecting. Reflectivity is one of the major things that creates the difference between these two black bikes. Matte black is quite less reflective; it absorbs more light and stays dark. It gives a great, classy look. Gloss black, on the other hand, reflects more light and absorbs less, making it appear extremely glossy.

Since matte black gets dirty pretty quickly, you have to polish the bike quite often. Matte black is a light-sensitive colour. It can get damaged if you use any rough agent for cleaning. So always use the recommended and specific cleaner for a matte black bike.

A glossy black surface, on the other hand, does not become dirty very quickly. So you don’t need to clean it after every ride. Whenever you get a chance, wipe the dust off since it’s more visible here. You should avoid using any rough scrubber or brush when cleaning because it will decrease the glossiness of the paint.

Which one would we recommend?

It is a hard choice. It depends mainly on the final look the cyclist wants to give to his own bike. Generally, our advice is not to choose a matte black bike for off-road, because of the less capability to resist scratches and little impact. But the difference in quality is little. The difference in the final look is big.


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