The best electric road e-bike is Ione.
The best electric road ebike is Ione. Ione is the only e-bike which in fact is built as a super performance road bike, but with the addition of an engine and battery.
Ione is made by hand. It is entirely built in carbon fibre, but it is not a simple mould, like most monocoque carbon bikes. Ione is made tubetotube, the processing that allows us to make a tailormade bike, also giving a soul to the frame. The frame of the Ione is designed to be incredibly stiff and rigid, to provide the best riding experience possible. But it does not compromise on comfort, as the frame is designed to absorb shock and vibration.
The best electric road e-bike is Ione 2
Obviously, Ione features an integrated battery, which is hidden in the down tube. This makes for a sleek, clean design, and gives the bike a modern look. The Ione is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight, powerful, and stylish e-bike. It is the perfect choice for those looking to get around quickly and in style. Without hiding the electric parts. They are just “softened”, to give to the cyclist the best feeling, as he is riding a “normal” road racing bike.
Ione is the only e-bike made in this way, thanks to this making of process. The tube-to-tube mechanization makes the frame more elastic than a monocoque. In terms of performance, this translates into better vibration absorption.
The heart of this bike is the frame. In our opinion, all bikes should be made like this, with geometry and frame quality at the centre. Then – of course – everyone wants a good engine and a long-life battery. But the frame affects your comfort, handling, the performance. But no one works in this way because they usually start with the electric parts, and then choose an affordable frame, made in 2 or 3 sizes. Ione is different. That’s why we say that the best electric road e-bike is Ione.


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