second bike alterego gravel

We are delighted when customers choose us twice and would like to thank them for their continued support. We work hard to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience each time they choose us and will continue to strive for excellence. When people ask us for a second bike, it is a sign we are working in the right way, and we were able to transmit our values of quality and reliability, but also of anti-consumerism and a new course to improve our consciences as persons, not as consumerists. We are firmly convinced that when you choose a Daccordi bike, you choose not just an object but a companion for a long-life relationship.

seconda bici daddocri gravel

Philip sent us these photos from Germany, which is also a reward for us. We love when people send us pictures of them with their new bikes. This Alterego gravel bike is brand new, and Philip himself ideates this extraordinary colour design. The lower part of the frame is a cream colour, while the upper part is an intenso blue, divided by 2 orange stripes.

We sent the new bike to the Rad-Kreuz bike shop in Berlin, who equipped it with Deda components, Campagnolo Ekar 1×13 speed and Campagnolo Levante wheels.

This bike goes along with the Daccordi Profidea previously made. Also for this bike, Philip chose the colour design, full cream with orange logos, and a little touch of intenso blue inside the fork and the rear triangle.

Thanks Philip and thanks everyone who believes in what we have been doing for almost 90 years.


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