Some photos around Cerreto Guidi

We took some photos on the hills around Cerreto Guidi. Cerreto Guidi is a small town in the province of Firenze, in Tuscany, Italy. It is located near the town of Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci. Cerreto Guidi is known for its production of quality wines,...

Illegal bike races

With the end of the school, the illegal bike races through the city streets began. The route, naturally open to traffic, started from Corrado’s house and then down towards the prison slide that led to the road below, along a straight downhill stretch and then at...

Little Jerusalem in Tuscany

Little Jerusalem in Tuscany. “If you can’t go to Jerusalem, Jerusalem will come to you!” This is in short what Pope Leo X established with his bull in 1516. San Vivaldo, already a refuge for the hermits and a sacred place for some time, was handed...

Thoughts about riding a bike in Tuscany

Small collection of thoughts scattered on some of my trips with my faithful bicycle in my native country: Tuscany. From San Giuliano Terme, in the province of Pisa, to Lucca, I take a road below the mountain. For “below the mountain” in these parts we...


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