corse clandestine - illegal bike racing

With the end of the school, the illegal bike races through the city streets began.

The route, naturally open to traffic, started from Corrado’s house and then down towards the prison slide that led to the road below, along a straight downhill stretch and then at the stop sign on the left towards Piazza del Popolo (whoever crosses the square is disqualified! ).

Slightly tugging stretch of road and finish. If there were cars to overcome, everything would become cooler! The crucial point was the slide that led into the street below, slightly downhill and without precedence. The game was done if you managed to make it fast and without braking. So watch out, or rather ear, to the machines and go! Great tussle during these races!

But it all ended, these illegal bike races, that day when I entered directly into the door of Daniele’s 500 blue, aka “Bocco”. He betrayed me the only working brake. The other was already broken. It all ended well, but Mom gave them to me with good reason.

Today, sometimes, I brake during downhill, even if there would be no need for it.

corse clandestine bici illegal bike race

This start of the year is giving us considerable satisfaction and gives me hope for the continuation of the season. The days are slowly getting longer as well as the km of our Trail. Let’s stay in our Tuscany for now. This incomparable beauty leaves us breathless every time.

Still, January is the month of projects, planning future commitments that are always too many given the gravel panorama’s events. Passion and desire to leave are always with me, but there is not enough time, and therefore I am forced to make a few commitments knowing that in this period, for sure, there is nothing at all. I immediately dismiss this sad thought and continue to daydream, browsing the photos taken today riding the Strade Bianche and the streets of the Eroica, crossing the Val d’Orcia. It is no coincidence that the Crete Senesi are a UNESCO heritage site.

Here the time has stopped, where the traveller gets lost.

corse clandestine illegal bike racing


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