Find the saddle position with the KOPS Method

KOPS, or Knee Over Pedal Spindle, is a traditional technique employed by some bike fitters to find the saddle position and determine the saddle setback. What is KOPS According to KOPS, when the crank arm is at 90 degrees on the downstroke, a vertical line from the...

Cycling hill climbing for beginners

Cycling hill climbing for beginners can be intimidating. But we have some pointers to help cyclists up their game on conquering a mountain ascent on their bicycles. Relax yourself Keep your turning of the pedals fast and stay seated. Your goal should be to remain as...

6 Road bicycle climbing techniques

When we talk about bicycle climbing techniques, we always think first about mountain bike. But are there road cycling bicycle climbing techniques that can improve your ability to climb, and suffer less on mountains? Approaching a daunting ascent on the bike can be a...

How to train for a century ride in 4 weeks

Is it possible to train for a century ride in 4 weeks? Completing a century ride is a milestone that can have a profound effect on any cyclist. With adequate preparation, the experience can be immensely rewarding. In this article, we’ll provide an underprepared rider...

How To Ride Steep Climbs On A Road Bike

We have seen how to ride a bike up a steep climb thanks to the video we made on Mount Tersadia. We have also mentioned some advice on how to tackle a climb of 10% or more on a racing bike. Now let’s dive deeper and answer some of the most frequently asked...


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