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When we talk about bicycle climbing techniques, we always think first about mountain bike. But are there road cycling bicycle climbing techniques that can improve your ability to climb, and suffer less on mountains? Approaching a daunting ascent on the bike can be a nervewracking experience. But it doesn‘t have to be! Here are our top tips for improving your climbing game on your rides. Here 6 tips to climb better on a road bike.

1 – Focus on Your Posture

Attempt to loosen up your upper body and ensure your hips and lower back are secure as you force the pedals. Try to detect if you‘re straining your upper body or facial muscles, and release them! This will help you avoid expending energy so you can maximize the strength produced by your legs. Even turning your head around is a waste of energy. Look at the pro riders: they only move their eyes to look around!

2 – Try to remain in aerobic zone

When ascending, your body requires more oxygen because of the extra strength your muscles need and because of the rising temperatures. Therefore, you will have to adjust your level of effort to make sure your body has enough oxygen as you climb. If you are unable to stay at a lower intensity, try to find a pace you can uphold, rather than surging and taking breaks. A constant pace is the key.

3 – Cut the switchbacks in the final part.

Switchbacks are often much steeper than the straight parts. If you cut them in the middle, you will find 2 or 3 meters at a high grade. On the other hand, if you stay on the external part, switchbacks will not be steep, but you will ride more. The correct bicycle climbing technique is to cut them in the final part, avoiding the steepest part but without turning too far from the internal.

bicycle climbing techniques 2

4 – Training on little climbs

In order to become a stellar climber, it is essential to practice on hills. Begin with routines like repeating 8 to 12 min exercises of 4 to 6 per cent incline at your threshold. Additionally, you can also perform maximumeffort repetitions (above your threshold) for one to three minutes. Include hill work or simulations in your plan one to two times each week during the training cycle‘s build period.

5 – Keep your cadence high and stay in the saddle.

The objective ought to be to stay tranquil and mounted for as long as possible, keeping a cadence of between 80 to 90rpms. This strategy causes muscles to contract more quickly and decreases the accumulation of lactic acid.

6 – Mentally attitude is a strong bicycle climbing technique

Lots of cyclists are beaten before the ascent starts on account of pessimistic inner monologue and a bad outlook. To stay positive, divide the climb into chunks you can handle one after the other. Many little goals help in reaching the main goal. You can likewise focus on keeping consistent and tranquil respirations; once your respiration deteriorates, your execution frequently follows. Don‘t let your nerves get the best of you!




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