Monster bike versus Mountain bike

Monster bikes are mountain bikes with drop bars. This is the phrase we often hear, the shortest summary of this bike. In fact, this is not the case, even if the similarity is huge. In fact, this is not the case, even if the similarity is huge. But some technical...

A custom gravel bike… with a pin-up!

A custom gravel bike is one of the biggest trends in the cycling world. Our gravel bikes are custom-built, coloured by your choice and sometimes… embellished with a pin-up! As in the case of Yves’s bike, who will ride on Flanders’ roads (or rather, on the...

Monster bike versus cyclocross: which one to choose

These are two paradoxically opposite bikes, yet monster and cyclocross bikes are often confused. Let’s see why they are intended for two very distant cyclists and why an expert would always distinguish them. What is a monster bike A monster bike is an aggressive...

A new steel road bike for Ivan

We took some photos in an urbex environment here in San Miniato, where we produce our bikes, this steel road bike Borea. The owner is Ivan, and he lives in Argentina. The bike will be packed and shipped. The colour of the steel frame is a gradient blue. We started...


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