monstercross bike

Monstercross, monsterbike. This type of bike has several names. In fact, it reconciles the gravel world with that of mountain biking.

The monstercross is a gravel bike capable of accommodating very generous tyres. In the case of our Annibale, 29″x2.20. Or, in millimetres, 700×56. But be careful: we designed Annibale to accommodate Boost standard wheels. More modern, and more compatible with the components and spare parts of the future.a


monstercross monster bike

From the point of view of a mountain bike, we could say that it is a mountain bike with a drop bar, the handlebar of a racing bike. But that’s not entirely true. Partly because the frame has to be designed to be shorter than a mountain bike. The drop handlebar will lead us to keep our hands further away from us, and for this reason, the length of the frame compensates part of this distance.

monstercross annibale

But the Monstercross (or monster bike) is generally made for rigid forks, creating a whole frame redesign for the steering angle and the head tube’s height. There are also monstercrosses with suspension forks. It is a technical and personal choice. However, we are still discussing lower excursions than mountain bikes, which still require a different project design.

Who is a monstercross for? For the enthusiast of mixed roads – off-roads journeys. For those who face partly unknown routes, with unknowns about the feasibility and difficulty. Or still open for those who want to replace their racing bike and mountain bike with a single bicycle, while maintaining a predominantly off-road character.


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