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Having the saddle too far back may lead to a lack of power when pedalling, a difficulty in increasing cadence, an extended reach to the handlebars and a variety of discomforts such as back, neck, and shoulder pain, and hand and wrist pain, tingling or numbness.

Pedalling technique

This overreaching may also generate a toedown pedalling technique, decreasing foot and ankle stability. Furthermore, a closed hip angle may be the result, especially for those with limited flexibility in the posterior chain muscles (hamstrings, gluts). We discussed climbing pedalling techniques in this article.

Problems from a saddle too far back

Riding with a saddle too far back may then cause hip impingement, as well as pain, fatigue, or cramping in the hamstrings, or pain at the insertion points of the hamstrings on the bottom of the pelvis or back of the knee. Additionally, too much weight on the saddle can cause saddle sores or excessive pressure and discomfort where the pelvis contacts the saddle. This can happen both with a saddle without hole as using a saddle with a hole.

Weight balance

Finally, too much weight on the rear end of the bike can lead to a decrease in front wheel traction and stability, particularly when cornering a switchback. A lack of weight load on the front wheel can lead to a loss of grip under braking before a slow corner. But still, it can lead to a crash during a long corner, where weight balance is essential for tire grip.

saddle too far back


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