british racing green bike (1)

The third bike we tell the story behind her design is not a road bike but a mountain bike. And in this case, we were not inspired by a specific F1 driver or car, but by a colour which identifies a whole nation: the BRG, British Racing Green.

The Story Behind

In the past, races used to occur on public roads, typically spanning from one city to another. Each car participating in the races had to be composed entirely of components manufactured within their respective home countries, including the driver. In order to facilitate easy identification of the participants’ nationalities, countries were encouraged to adopt a specific racing colour. France opted for blue, Belgium chose yellow, Germany settled for white, and the Italians went with red.

Courtesy of Missvain

For even the most casual enthusiasts of motorsports, British Racing Green has always been an integral part of the automotive colour palette. This particular shade, also known as BRG, originated almost a century ago in the pits of racing cars. Interestingly, it has transitioned from race tracks to everyday street vehicles, occasionally even making appearances at dealerships associated with brands unrelated to its European origins.


Courtesy of Peter Trimming

The design of the bike

In the case of our latest mountain bike design, we drew inspiration from British Racing Green, a colour associated with elegance, tradition, and speed—British Racing Green. The decision to incorporate this classic colour into our mountain bike design was driven by a desire to pay homage to the rich heritage of motorsports while infusing it with a modern twist. British Racing Green is a hue that has long been associated with British motorsports, symbolizing their excellence, sportsmanship, and engineering prowess.

british racing green bike (1)

The bike featured subtle yet striking yellow racing stripes along the frame, reminiscent of the iconic racing liveries seen on classic British race cars like Lotus F1 cars. These stripes added a touch of flair while serving as a constant reminder of the bike’s racing heritage. The aluminium frame offers a good area to emphasise the colours but is smaller than a carbon frame. So we keep a clean design with a yellow stripe on the vertical tube and nothing else except for the Daccordi logos in yellow.

We chose a matt finish for this mtb, which in our opinion provides a touch of modernity to the project. A matte finish on a mountain bike is not inherently more delicate than other types of finishes. The durability of a bike’s finish depends on various factors, including the quality of the paint or coating used and the application process.



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