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The second bike whose design was inspired by an F1 car is dedicated to the French driver Jean Alesi. We have seen how the idea of a racing bike dedicated to Ronnie Peterson with the colours of his Lotus came about. Today we talk about how we interpreted the 1994 Ferrari number 27.

The Story Behind

Jean Alesi, a French racing driver, had a charismatic presence during his time in Formula 1, particularly during his tenure with Ferrari. Alesi joined Ferrari in 1991 and quickly became a fan favourite due to his passionate driving style and his strong emotional connection with the team and its supporters. He showcased exceptional car control and had several memorable performances, including his first race with Ferrari at the 1991 French Grand Prix, where he finished fourth after a captivating battle with Ayrton Senna.

Bike Design From Cars F1

Courtesy of Martin Lee

Alesi’s popularity stemmed not only from his on-track performances but also from his engaging personality and his genuine love for Ferrari. He became an iconic figure for the team and its fans, with his passionate displays of emotion and his unwavering loyalty to Ferrari. While different fans may have their own opinions on the most charismatic Ferrari drivers, Jean Alesi undoubtedly left a lasting impression on many motorsport enthusiasts with his unique style and connection to the team.

viator f1 bike

The Design of the bike

What was striking about the 1994 Ferrari was the beautiful mix of colours between the typical Rosso Ferrari, the black of the spoilers and the gold of the wheels. Gold-coloured racing bike wheels on the market are very rare, and repainting the wheels of a known brand would have distorted the product. Above all, the result of a bike with gold wheels would have been rather tacky and heavy at a glance. We decided that the gold colour of the Ferrari wheels should become part of the frame. Like the interpretation given to Ronnie Peterson’s Lotus, we have again chosen the Daccordi Viator to represent Jean Alesi’s Ferrari. Viator allows for a stronger colour match thanks to its aerodynamic carbon tubes. Although red remains the primary colour of this bike, black and gold give the bike a touch of aggression. Aggressiveness was the distinctive feature of the French driver driving, who wrote an important part of the F1 Sport, although he never won a World Championship.

A different touch

The Daccordi Viator bike with Jean Alesi’s Ferrari-inspired design is popular among cycling enthusiasts. As manufacturers of custom bikes, we have also been asked for variations. One of these custom bikes we made saw the replacement of black with white for a less aggressive but more stylish final design. Here is one of the bikes produced, photographed in front of the famous Gate Bridge in Tokyo.



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