women ride a bike

Elise while riding her Daccordi Borea on the US roads

Why do women ride a bike less than men? There are a variety of reasons why men tend to ride bikes more than women. One possible explanation is that men are more likely to participate in sports and activities like biking that involve physical exertion. Additionally, men may be more likely to have access to bikes or the funds to purchase them. Finally, cultural norms may lead to more men than women feeling comfortable on a bike.

In the world we would like, half of the cyclists are women. We believe that encouraging women to ride a bike can play an important role in increasing gender equality and empowering women around the world. We believe that when women are given the opportunity to cycle, it can lead to increased independence, and improved physical and mental health.

women ride a bike sena daccordi

Sena Daccordi riding her own bike

While it is true that cycling has traditionally been seen as a masculine sport, it is becoming increasingly genderfriendly. More and more women are taking up cycling, and many events, organizations and clubs are specifically focused on the needs of female cyclists. There are also many initiatives in place to make cycling more accessible to women, such as special discounts and programs, as well as specialized cycling gear and apparel. So while cycling may still have a long way to go in terms of gender equality, it is definitely making strides in the right direction.

As bike makers, we have already explained and discussed why women’s bikes are different from men’s bikes, and why most parts of worldwide producers don’t offer a significant difference in the products they offer.

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Francesca on her 26″ Daccordi bike, Baleari Islands


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