This is not just a road bike review like others, but a complete story. And we love stories, so we want to share this with you all.
It’s about one of the latest bikes we made, a Borea. A steel road bike, custom made for Dave Hause, and shipped to the US to Old Fort Bike Shop.

Chad – the Old Fort Bike Shop’s owner – asked Dave to write a road bike review after a test ride, so we have this story to share:

“My story behind the Daccordi Borea.

Having owned several Italian steel bikes over my 30+ years of riding, there were only a few choices to replace my 14-year-old Ciocc. I looked at several steel options from Ciocc, Cinelli and Pegoretti. What drew me to the Daccordi was that Luigi Daccordi was still building frames by hand via fillet brazing without lugs. The frames use the latest tubing from Columbus and Dedacciai. Speaking with Sena Daccordi (Luigi’s daughter) I was able to make minor tweaks to the geometry to suit my preferred position with no extra charge. This was no problem as Luigi makes the frames bespoke once the deposit is received. I could also choose my own colour at no charge from Daccordi from their 20 top colours. After much internal debate I went with orange to honour Merckx’s Molteni orange frames. After sending my initial deposit, the frame showed up at my house 9 weeks later. It’s a brilliant-looking and riding bike. Forza Italia!! It is a marvellous machine. It’s a moving expression of a storied Artisan.”

Dave Hause

daccordi road bike review

In the last pic, the jersey that Chad is wearing is a nod to the early UK punk scene. Bitter Dose is Dave’s group of bike racers and enthusiasts.

We really appreciate feedback like this one, so if you want to write us your opinions and a Daccordi road bike review, we will be happy to post it and share your thoughts!



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