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Ione is a unique bike that differs from all other bikes. It is not like the dozens of simple racing E-bikes existing today. It is not a simple chimaera of complexity and exasperated electronics. First of all, it’s a carbon racing bike, built with the best material processed and printed in Italy. The hyper-modern tubes are assembled in an artisanal way. The heart of the bike – the frame – is custom-built. The rest comes later in our approach to making the bike, but those steps are no less qualitative.

Our cultural heritage as Italian frame builders requires us to build each frame to a new and heightened quality standard. But then we decided to go a step further and have dedicated and customized batteries made only for Daccordi. We want to obtain longevity never seen on other e-bikes. If other companies start by telling you about the engine first and then only briefly mention the rest, it is simply because they don’t have much more to say. We started with the frame, and we told you about our excellent batteries. The power offered by the motor is 250watt / 50 Nm. A good result.

But we want to talk to you about our made-to-measure bike built with the best carbon. We leave the mere numbers to those who have only them to share with you.

  • OPEN-SOURCE ENGINE SYSTEM:  The engine and battery are compatible with any other battery of any brand. This means minimum battery recycling costs and the possibility of upgrading your system over the years.
  • NEW BATTERIES:  Batteries start to ‘live’ when the cells are connected to each other, and they immediately begin to age, even if they do not work. When we analysed the path that e-bikes take from the construction to the end user, we discovered that when a person rides their new e-bike for the first time, the batteries are already at least 6 or more months old. This is because most battery packs are produced in Asia; then, the bikes are moved to a warehouse and stored until they are sent to retailers. Once in the shops, the e-bikes wait for another few months. At Daccordi, we have developed a system where the battery doesn’t start to live until the end user has purchased the bike.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Ione is only available for thru axle disc brakes. Toray T-700 carbon layered by hand with the tube-to-tube method. Custom-built frame. 3k external lamination. Full Internal Cable Routing. Carbon monocoque fork. Built-in lithium-ion battery. Head tube 1 ”1/2. Press-Fit bottom bracket. Exterior 3k carbon lamination. Compatible with 10-11-12s groups.

ELECTRICAL FEATURES: Rear engine 250 W, 36 V, 50 Nm. Bluetooth, able to communicate without cables with an on / off button and display for engine management. 36 V, 20 Ah, 720 Wh battery.


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* Geometry and sizes are subject to change.

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Starting from 6.050 VAT EXCLUDED

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per vendite in Comunità Europeafor sales in European Union + 1.331,00 (IVAVAT 22%) = 7.381,00 IVA inclusaVAT included

  • Designed, made and painted in Italy
  • Video call to discuss the best bike and fitting for you
  • Simulation drawings for colour/Colour-simulated drawings
  • After-Sales Service: we offer support in assembling your bike

Ione tailor-made

if you want and demand more, then the answer can only be found in the custom-made Ione frame. Tailored to fit your size and riding style for the routes and distances you will cover.

  • Custom sizes: + 250,00 € (geometries and sizes)
  • Custom colours: + 250,00 € (colours different from our proposals). You can discuss the availability of unique colours with us.
  • Custom-made Ione frame. Tailored to fit your size and riding style for the routes and distances you will cover.


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