Dear friends of the Daccordi family,

In this special time of the year, we want to express our deepest gratitude for riding alongside us on this incredible journey. The end of the year has been a path of emotions, challenges, and achievements, but most importantly, it has been a journey with you, passionate cyclists, who made every ride possible and unique.

Christmas brings with it the magic of sharing and reflection. It’s a moment when hearts warm up, hopes are renewed, and an atmosphere of affection and understanding is created. Just like our frames come to life, shaped with care and dedication, it’s the special connection that forms between your passion and our bicycles that makes everything so extraordinary.

We look towards the new year with enthusiasm, carrying with us the essence of our mission: to create not just bicycles but works of art on wheels that tell unique and engaging stories with you, the protagonists of roads and trails.

We thank you for choosing to entrust your miles to our creations. May this festive period bring joy, serenity, and many adventures on two wheels. May the new year bring new emotions, achieved goals, and countless rides filled with satisfaction.

With affection and gratitude,

The Daccordi team



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