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Gravel bikes are designed to handle a variety of terrains, including gravel paths, dirt roads, and rougher surfaces. They are more versatile and capable of handling off-road conditions.

Borea gravel and Borea are built with the same tubing sets, but with different forks. Here why.

Tire Clearance

Road bikes typically have narrower tire clearance to reduce rolling resistance and increase speed on smooth roads. The tires are usually 23-28mm wide. And this is the case of Borea. Gravel bikes have wider tire clearance to accommodate larger tires with more traction. They typically come with tires ranging from 32mm to 45mm or more, providing a more stable and comfortable ride on rougher surfaces. So Borea Gravel adopts a different carbon fork that allows this clearance, and so the rear triangle is designed to be wider.

gravel bike borea


Gravel bikes’ geometry is more relaxed compared to road bikes, providing a more comfortable and stable ride, especially during long distances or off-road adventures. But another important fact is the clearance from the ground: because of the terrain, gravel bikes need more clearance than road bikes – at least 1.5 cm.

Accessories and Mounting Points

Gravel bikes often have more mounting points for accessories like racks, fenders, and water bottle cages, making them suitable for bike-packing and long-distance adventures where carrying gear is necessary. So Borea Gravel is designed to host this kind of accessory.

gravel bike steel


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