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Welcome to the world of Daccordi bicycles, where innovation is our trademark. In 1991, we introduced a revolutionary technology to the world of bicycles: the Multidimensional Bottom Bracket.

What is the Multidimensional Bottom Bracket, you might ask? It’s a brilliant innovation that has revolutionized how bicycles are built and how they perform on the road. In simple terms, we moved the vertical tube of the bike frame forward by 10 mm compared to the bottom bracket. And the results? Simply extraordinary.

This simple shift has led to two significant improvements in pedaling and rider comfort. First and foremost, it allowed us to shorten the length of the rear triangle, making the bike more responsive and agile. Imagine zooming through tight corners or tackling steep climbs with a feeling of agility and control like no other. This is exactly what the Multidimensional Bottom Bracket makes possible.

But that’s not all. This innovation not only enhances the bike’s performance but also increases rider comfort. Thanks to the forward shift of the vertical tube, the bike assumes a more ergonomic position, with the tube slightly more inclined. This means you can enjoy long rides without excessively fatiguing your body. Your back will thank you for this added comfort.

And what’s more? Despite being introduced in 1991, the innovation of the Multidimensional Bottom Bracket is still at the heart of our design. Even today, we mount it on our New Griffe and Bella models, demonstrating how much we believe in the value and effectiveness of this technology.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a bike that combines exceptional performance and uncompromising comfort, look no further: Daccordi is the answer. Try it for yourself and discover the difference that the Multidimensional Bottom Bracket can make in your riding experience. Ride with Daccordi and feel the difference with every pedal stroke.


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