bici gravel personalizzata pin-up

A custom gravel bike is one of the biggest trends in the cycling world. Our gravel bikes are custom-built, coloured by your choice and sometimes… embellished with a pin-up! As in the case of Yves’s bike, who will ride on Flanders’ roads (or rather, on the dirt roads).

However, the Pin-up wrapped tricolour is not ideated by us. Instead, as often happens when talking about a custom gravel bike, a customer came up with it.

And the idea came from Australia. A few years ago, James ordered a carbon frame, sent us some drawings, and requested the tricolour pin-up for his new Daccordi Vinci frame.


bici gravel personalizzataThe photo was published on our social networks. People liked the idea. And so we were asked for a replica for another carbon bike, this time for Japan.

Unfortunately, although there is a beautiful sparkling tricolour, we have never received requests for this customization from Italy. But we customized the Fly for Christophe in France in this way.

Up to this custom gravel bike AlteregoEgo. A steel frame with soft colours: brown on the lower part of the frame and intense green on the horizontal tube. Logos and some little details with creamy white colours. What do you think of this colour combination?


custom gravel bike alterego


custom gravel bike 2

custom gravel bike


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