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A burnt landscape, after a fire, is almost always a landscape of destruction. The trees and vegetation are burned and blackened, and the wildlife displaced or killed. Depending on the severity of the fire, the landscape can take years to recover as new plants and wildlife slowly move back in. In some cases, the land may never fully recover.

But the fire is not always a bad thing and it is even possible to see the beauty in burnt. Then it leaves nature born again. Fire is a natural process, and it is essential for healthy forests and grasslands. Fire can help clear out old, dead vegetation, allowing new life to emerge. It recycles nutrients back into the soil and can encourage new growth. Fire can also help maintain biodiversity, as it creates different habitats for different species of plants and animals.

In this case, we took a burnt landscape as a background for our photos for our steel mountain bike Julius. The fire happened some days before in Empoli, in the province of Firenze, a town close to our factory where we make bicycles. It added a dramatic and powerful effect to the photos. It was quite intense. The colours of the fire landscape also added a unique element to the photos, creating interesting shapes and patterns. Taking photos here has been quite memorable.
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Our steel mountain bike Julius is crafted and tailor-made to fit every need. It has a strong and durable frame that is sure to last years of use. It also has a smooth and comfortable ride, which allows to tackle any terrain with ease. With its bright colour scheme, it stands out in any crowd, as it stands out from this burnt landscape.
Why should you prefer a steel front suspended mtb, instead of a carbon mtb or even a full suspended? A steel front suspended mountain bike is preferred by many riders due to its durability and stability. Steel is a very strong material that can take a beating and still remain structurally sound. Steel frames are generally heavier than carbon frames, however, they are less affected by temperature, terrain and weather. Steel frames also have a reputation for being more comfortable to ride than aluminium or carbon frames. Additionally, steel front suspension can help absorb some of the shock and vibration from the trail, making your ride more comfortable.

Some detractors of steel complain about corrosion, but in fact it is something to belongs to the past. Nowadays steel bikes offer excellent corrosion resistance.
The shape and design of a steel bike are unique. Is it quite vintage, because of the round shape of the pipes and the classic look which is back to fashion in the last years.
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