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Annibale Monster bike Daccordi

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Annibale Telaio bici Daccordi


It was the year 217 BC when the famous Carthaginian leader Hannibal crossed the swamps of the Arno river – right here where our company is based today – on his way to Rome, his bitter rival. This historical event was during the Second Punic War. Hannibal left Carthage and went up to Spain, crossed southern France, and traversed the Alps at the head of an army that was gradually suffering more and more, travelling alongside the famous elephants.

We chose the name Annibale because we wanted our bike made of steel, like the temper of this ancient leader. Ready for anything: any road or path. Steel because it is comfortable, versatile, and durable. Steel because it is a symbol of strength and reliability. It is not just a material: it is a sensation. The feeling of pedalling on a travel companion in which you believe and trust blindly.

We start with faith in our bike; the limits are only in our minds. This is the bike we have developed in collaboration with the most unstoppable gravel grinders. It is ready and waiting for you. You just have to ride it, and you’ll always be ready for any travel. Its soul is capable of transmitting feelings of freedom, reliability, and resilience, whatever the situation. These are sensations that we tend to lose in modern society, but which are the basis of feeling alive. If that is what you are looking for, this is your perfect cycling companion.


Triple-reinforced Niobium steel pipes with reduced thickness up to 0.38 mm. Tensile strength of this steel between 1,050 and 1,250 Mpa, yield strength above 705 MPa, elongation capacity greater than 14%. Optimized design according to the orientation of tensions and forces. Incomparable weight-to-torque ratio.

The frame is able to host until 2.3” (58 mm) width tyres and 180 mm disc brakes. Fully geared for racks and luggage.

The Columbus Futura fork is made by carbon fiber Toray 700, the highest standard for cycling. Able to host 3.0” (76 mm) width tires, it’s the best match for this frame: light, performing and reliable.


Misure Annibale Monster bike Daccordi

* Geometry and sizes are subject to change.

Jon’s Annibale

Jonny’s Annibale

Franco’s Annibale is a special custom bike made in collaboration with the Tuscan artist Irene Campinoti alias “La Ragazza nell’Armadio”

Jim’s Annibale

We believe in steel

The Columbus Futura Adventure carbon fork mounted on the Daccordi Annibale

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Starting from 2.500 VAT EXCLUDED

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per vendite in Comunità Europeafor sales in European Union + 550,00 (IVAVAT 22%) = 3.050,00 IVA inclusaVAT included


Gruppo Ruote Prezzo suggerito al pubblico
Campagnolo Ekar 13V DB Fulcrum Red Metal 5 Boost 5.082 € + vat
Campagnolo Ekar GT 13V DB Fulcrum Red Metal 5 Boost 4.328 € + vat
Sram Rvatl 12V AXS Mullet Fulcrum Red Metal 500 Boost 4.910 € + vat
Sram Apex 12V AXS Mullet Fulcrum Red Metal 500 Boost 4.418 € + vat


  • The prices of complete bikes include pedals and bottle cage.
  • Transport costs and any insurance are excluded.
  • Assembly components may vary depending on actual warehouse availability; in this case, they will be replaced with others of equal quality and value.
  • For non-EU countries, the buyer is responsible for customs operations expenses, import duties, and national taxes.
  • Designed, made and painted in Italy
  • Video call to discuss the best bike and fitting for you
  • Simulation drawings for colour/Colour-simulated drawings
  • After-Sales Service: we offer support in assembling your bike


if you want and demand more, then the answer can only be found in the custom-made Annibale frame. Tailored to fit your size and riding style for the routes and distances you will cover.

  • Custom sizes: starting from + 250,00 € (geometries and sizes)
  • Custom colours: starting from + 250,00 € (colours different from our proposals). You can discuss the availability of unique colours with us.
  • Custom-made Annibale frame. Tailored to fit your size and riding style for the routes and distances you will cover.


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