handwriting day giorno nazionale scrittura

Today is the National Handwriting Day.

Handwriting is something that expresses yourself, similar to craftsmanship. The use of hands is something in common. They are precious skills which produce beloved works of artwork. Handwriting can be used as a way to express yourself, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. All these feelings are the same when we build bikes. Passion is necessary for both writing and cycling, and it is something that can bring together different people. Handwriting and bike frame building are both activities that require skill and precision, and both activities can bring people together to share in the joy of creating something beautiful.

The product made by craftsmanship is something in which the craftsman reflects himself in the bike frame, so it is something that is made with care and attention to detail, and that is often unique and of high quality. The product also reflects the skill, expertise, and creativity of the craftsman, creating something that is both beautiful and functional.

handwriting day giorno nazionale scrittura 2

The product made by craftsmanship absorbs not only the hand skill of the craftsman who makes it, but also the ideas and the character of the person who works on the bike frame. The frame is a product of the craftsperson’s skill and imagination, and a reflection of the maker’s personality. The frame can become a work of art, with its intricate details and unique design, and the craftsperson’s passion and dedication to their craft. This makes the frame a one-of-a-kind product, unlike any other. It is a product that is truly unique, and a testament to the skill of the craftsperson.

It’s not just a matter of passion. In a craft bike you can feel aggressivity and competition, or comfort and reliability. It’s not just technique, calculation and test. It’s a matter of feeling the sensations, enjoying the ride, and being completely in control of your bike and the environment around you. It’s a feeling of being connected to the elements, and experiencing something completely unique.


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