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The Bicibus is much more than just an initiative for us at Daccordi; it is a concrete commitment to promoting sustainable mobility for elementary school children in San Miniato Basso. In an era where motorized transportation has taken over, we believe that returning to bicycles is a fundamental step towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

The concept of the Bicibus is surprisingly simple: we load the children’s heavy backpacks onto a cart and accompany them to school by bike. The bikes await us at various stops along the route, and together we embark on a journey that not only takes us from point A to point B but also offers a range of benefits that go beyond mere transportation.

In an age where children are increasingly accustomed to traveling in metal boxes on four wheels, the Bicibus offers them the opportunity to rediscover the pleasure and benefits of outdoor exercise. Pedaling up to 4 km every morning, our young passengers learn about the streets and lanes of the neighborhood, discovering hidden corners and vistas that they would likely never notice if they were traveling by car.

But the Bicibus is much more than just a means of transportation. It is an opportunity for children to make friends, to establish bonds with their fellow travelers that go beyond simply sharing space on a bicycle. From first-graders to fifth-graders, our young passengers learn the value of collective safety, understanding that the responsibility of each of them contributes to the safety of all.

To complete this project, we have donated brightly colored bike racks to the school, providing a safe and welcoming place where children can park their bicycles. This not only promotes sustainable mobility but also conveys the importance of taking care of one’s belongings and the environment.

The Bicibus is not just an idea; it has become an integral part of the daily lives of the children in San Miniato Basso. It is a project that demonstrates that even the simplest actions can have a significant impact, both individually and collectively. And as we pedal together along the streets of our neighborhood, we look forward to a future where the bicycle once again becomes the queen of the roads, bringing with it health, joy, and a renewed sense of community.

The Bicibus was an initiative that saw the collaboration and active support of the Municipality of San Miniato, and we are grateful for the recognition received from the mayor and the Italian Cycling Federation. The fact that our project has been awarded fills us with pride and strengthens our conviction that we are on the right path towards more sustainable and mindful mobility.

One of the most rewarding outcomes of this experience has been the increase in awareness and attention from motorists towards young cyclists. We have noticed a positive change in the behavior of cars around us, which are now more attentive and willing to give space to our children as they cross the road. This demonstrates that our work not only has a direct impact on the mobility of children but also contributes to creating a safer and more respectful road culture for all road users.

We are convinced that the success of the Bicibus in San Miniato can inspire and encourage other cities to implement similar projects. We want to share our experience and offer advice to anyone interested in promoting cycling mobility and creating safer and more livable communities. If you need support or advice based on our experience, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help make your cities greener, more active, and welcoming for everyone, in line with the principles of Daccordi.


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