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Our steel Monster Bike Gravel Annibale with carbon fork can accommodate 29″x2.20 wide, or 700×56 mm tires.

The frame is built with Columbus Spirit tubing or equivalent but produced by Deda. It is Omnicrom triple-butted steel, therefore very light and with a classic but oversized oval shape. The pipes in the centre are just 0.38 mm thick, gradually widening towards the ends.


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Our Monster Bike Gravel fork

The fork we use is the Columbus Futura Adventure. Of MTB origin, this fork can be mounted on the most advanced custom-made travel frames and hard-tail mountain bike geometries. The fulcrum of the technical solution is the 15mm Boost through axle. In this way, Annibale is compatible with all the most modern components in the mtb world. The surprising load capacity further benefits from the adjustable rake, allowing you to finely balance the driving responsiveness based on the type of terrain and luggage.

monster bike forcella columbus

The full bike

The bike can be assembled with the components and groupset you choose, both with a single chainring or a double crankset. And here the dilemma arises: which one to choose? Before saying whether one solution or the other is better, let’s say you something dictated by experience: usually, those who come from the mtb world and approach gravel choose the single chainring. Conversely, those from the road world and approach gravel choose the double chainring. Why? It probably brings back the best of 2 worlds, which the cyclist has become more fond of. On the one hand, the simplicity of having all the gear shifters within reach of a single finger. On the other, having a wide choice of gears in all situations, and always being able to choose the optimal pedalling frequency.


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