These days, I found the photos of my Marche Trail 2020. What an experience. But on the other hand… what experience is not unique with my trusted travel companion ?‍♂️?

partenza marche trail 2019

Official departure, obviously in the dark. But you know, the early bird catches the worm.

l'arognauta barbuto al marche trail

The first stage is over. Around 130 km and 2400 meters of ascent. It was not a joke: off-road and with the weight of the bags. Once in San Severino Marche, the Marche Trail offered us an aperitif with local products of the highest quality. You can imagine how much I enjoyed it… ?

l'argonauta barbuto al marche trail

“People are divided into two parts: those with beards and those without!” ? This gentleman told me as soon as he saw me.

blog marche trail

Slow pedalling allows you to look around and capture the details to be photographed and always take them with you even after concluding the experience. And anyway, I don’t think there are any photos or videos or words to describe the Marches Trail … you just have to cycle it!

marche gravel daccordi

Church of Santa Maria Della Rocca Offida, one of the many pearls crossed during this Marche Trail.

 It seems that this church is “protected by the Lord”: in fact during World War II despite the fleeing Germans mined it, miraculously none of them exploded, and it seems that in the church, in a step to be precise, there is a sheep with the intention of eating a four-leaf clover: well, if you walk behind this point on the scale the desired desire will come true.

The church was closed when I passed, but to avoid any doubt, I rode a tour around with my faithful travelling companion Sabatina! ??

marche trail 2019 daccordi

Stop at Ascoli Piceno to eat pork! And where you eat, you can find friends… bearded! In the beautiful Piazza del Popolo (but how beautiful Italy is? ?) The search for the famous Ascoli’s Olives and a good beer started immediately!

argonauta barbuto gravel

It’s over! Satisfaction and sadness unite now. An infinite number of images of faces’ sounds of coloured thoughts will be part of me. But one thing struck me most this time: the people who live in this extraordinary region: the Marche. Kind and sincere people who deeply love their land and are proud of it. The countryside resembles a garden in the way it is ordered and cared for.

People who have become accustomed to living in fear of earthquakes but who tell you how they rebuilt their homes. Generous people who welcomed us in the streets and offered us a drink. And also a chair, to rest for a while, to tell their story and know ours.

Thanks also to the Marche Trail which managed to bring me here, who studied a perfect path to ride in complete safety but above all thank you for highlighting its territory and culture.



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