Over time, Original has proved to be NOT the right name for a frame.

bici vintage daccordi original

Many people write to us. We could say almost daily, asking for information about a vintage “Daccordi Original” frame or bike, of which they know little. In fact, the writing on the bottom bracket “Original” does not stand for the original product but is the frame name. This is a frame with a great history behind it despite the name. It was a top bike, supplied to the Selle Italia Mosoca professional team, which in the 90s served – under the guidance of Gianni Savio – as a sort of talent scout for South American kids. Colombians and Venezuelans came to Italy to seek their fortune in Europe with this team. Many of them became heroes of the Giro d’Italia.

Among all, just riding a Daccordi Original, Leonardo Sierra. His victory in the first-ever ascent of Mortirolo in 1991, which Sierra himself defined as “a kilometre-long garage ramp”.


Sierra disconnected everyone by climbing Mortirolo. He faced a thrilling descent and crashed, but his advantage was so much that he still managed to reach the finish line on Aprica alone. At the time, the Italian TV commentator Adriano De Zan criticized the riding skills of the Venezuelan, not realizing that Sierra had fallen, but, at the same time, he had not lost even a second downhill!

Returning to our Original bike, vintage bike collector Elmo sends us photos of his restored and fully chromed Daccordi Original, equipped with a modern Campagnolo groupset.



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