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Columbus Spirit are pipes that have many qualities. They are catalogued by Columbus itself as “top Performance road”, as they offer lightness and stiffness, perfect characteristics for building a road racing bike.

Yes, a racing bike. Can a steel bicycle be competitive nowadays among carbon bikes? Yes, a steel bicycle can still be competitive among carbon bikes. Steel bikes are often considered to be more comfortable and durable than carbon bikes, and they can easily be customized to fit the riders needs better. And Borea is designed to be comfortable but with a competitive heart.

Our collaboration with Columbus has been carrying on for decades.

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Columbus Spirit characteristics

Here some qualities about the pipes which are the heart of Borea:

Triple butted OMNICROM alloy
• Cold-Drawn Seamless Tube
• Reduced thickness, up to 0.38mm

This means that the thickness of the pipes is just 0.38 mm in the middle. For example, the vertical tube (or seat tube) is 0.4 mm thick in the middle but 0.7 mm at the extremities, where it is brazed with the BB sheld in the low part and with the horizontal tube in the upper part. There is also an intermediate point where the thickness is 0.6 mm.

• Exceptional mechanical characteristics
• High tensile strength, superior resilience and
incredible fatigue resistance
• Excellent tube-surface finishing and highly control-
led alloy-composition,
regular and close to nominal, for an excellent weld
• Visual Quality Control inspection and marking of
each tube
• Incomparable strength/weight ratio
• Made in Italy

Are all Daccordi Bikes made with Columbus Tubings?

In Daccordi we look for the best partnership. We strongly believe in Columbus quality, and that’s because most of our steel frames are made with these pipes. However, you can find the same Daccordi bike made with other brands of pipes. This used to happen decades ago, when we were used to adopting also Oria tubings to build our steel frames, but also Mannesmann, Reynolds and Easton. So it still happens nowadays. You will be able to find some steel frames Daccordi made with Deda pipes or Techno. This happens because we sometimes choose different pipes according to the shape and size we need to give to the bike frame.

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Choose your Daccordi bike from our collection. You can decide to have it by selecting among the standard sizes or made to measure for you, for your characteristics and your style.

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