Carbon bike frame repair
As a small company, we offer the opportunity to repair a carbon bike frame. Our services include cutting, sanding, and repairing the frame. We use a specialized method to ensure that the carbon frame is as strong and durable as it was when it was new. Repairing a carbon bike frame is not cheap. Well, is always cheaper than buying another one, but the total cost can be in the range of 350 to 550 euros. But it is not just a matter of costs. It is about sustainability. It is equal. It is right. And it is against consumerism. So it reflects Daccordi’s mission and values.

Why do big companies give you a new bike frame instead of repairing it?

If you are still in the range of your bike warranty and have a problem with the frame of a big brand, they probably will change it. They are not used to repair carbon bike frames simply because they are more expensive than a new one. With mass production in Asia, a bike frame at the origin is really cheap, so it is unsuitable for them to repair it. But this is so unfair to the environment and to the worldwide economy.
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The World where we live

Research from McKinsey indicates that between 2000 and 2015, the average shopper bought 60% more clothing, but we kept those items for approximately half as long. The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates that approximately £140 million worth of clothing ends up in landfills every year. We don‘t believe in this kind of economy. It is not sustainable. And it is old fashion. People are changing. Consumers are increasingly prioritizing quality over quantity, choosing items made with longevity and durability in mind.

Why carbon bike frame repair is so important

As bike frame producers, we offer the opportunity to repair your bike frame, of any brand. We can extend the life of the frame and make it look new again. We use the latest technology and materials to ensure it remains in top condition. We want to give you the opportunity to repair and extend the life of your bike frame. This way, it can be used for many years to come. This helps reduce waste and encourages sustainable consumption. It is a winwin. We also offer the opportunity to repaint the frame. Repainting is a great way to update the look of your frame and keep it looking fresh. At the same time, you can be proud of the fact that you are doing your part to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.
We are passionate about preserving our environment and helping our customers make sustainable choices. Choose quality over quantity, and join us in the fight against waste.
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