Design From F1 Cars

Initially, we didn’t intend to correlate this bike to an F1 car design. The project was entirely created by Paride, a designer and the owner of this Daccordi Borea. Similitudes came across while already working on the bike.

The Story Behind

While Caterham (formerly known as Lotus Racing and Team Lotus) did face challenges in terms of competitiveness, they did manage to achieve a commendable level of reliability. The Caterham was not the fastest F1 car of the Circus: on the contrary, its pilots Kovalainen and Petrov often struggled not to be the last of the race. But the Caterham won a special classification which suits a steel bicycle: it was the most reliable car of the group, with only 3 DNF during the whole of 2012.

bike design F1

Courtesy of Morio

In Formula 1, reliability refers to a car’s ability to finish races without experiencing technical failures or accidents that result in a “Did Not Finish” (DNF) classification. Having a reliable car is important as it allows teams to maximize their opportunities for scoring points and improving their overall standing.

Why steel is the most reliable material to build a bike

Due to several key attributes, steel is considered a reliable material for building road bicycles. It is known for its exceptional strength and durability. It can withstand significant loads and impacts without compromising its structural integrity.

Steel possesses a desirable amount of flexibility, which helps absorb vibrations and road shocks. This property contributes to a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially during long distances or over uneven terrain. The compliance of steel frames enhances traction and control, allowing riders to navigate corners better and maintain stability.

As vintage bikes demonstrate every day, steel frames have the ability to maintain their structural integrity over a long period, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Repairability is a controversial point. Steel is often considered relatively easy to repair compared to other materials used in bicycle construction, such as carbon fibre. This is not exactly true. Big brands don’t repair carbon fibre frames because they usually produce them in the Far East, so they don’t have the tools to repair a frame. Instead in Daccordi, due to our factory in Italy, we build and repair carbon fibre frames. But surely repairing a steel frame is more accessible and cost-effective reported to a carbon fibre frame.

The design of the bike

The primary colour of this Daccordi Borea is an astonishing pearl green cut with gold stripes. The rear triangle and the fork’s head are black, making the frame more racing. But what makes a point of this bike are the white stripes on the internal part of the rear triangle and fork. They can seem like invisible parts, but in fact they change the appearance of the whole bike.

We thought this bike’s green matched with water, so we took these photos after a rainy day.


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