custom gravel bike moka

Based on the customer’s request, we have beautifully painted this custom gravel bike in a stunning combination of light blue and yellow, with a distinctive grey stripe that elegantly separates the two colours. However, what truly sets this bike apart and makes it stand out among other custom bikes is the eye-catching moka vertical design element.

The moka vertical not only adds a unique touch to the bike’s overall appearance but also creates a striking contrast against the light blue and yellow colours. It acts as a visual centerpiece, capturing attention and creating a sense of intrigue. This unconventional choice of colour adds an element of surprise and individuality, making this bike a true statement piece.

Not only does the moka vertical design element enhance the bike’s aesthetic appeal, but it also serves as a conversation starter. It sparks curiosity and admiration among fellow cyclists and bike enthusiasts, establishing a connection and generating discussions about the bike’s distinctive style and personalization.

With its captivating combination of light blue, yellow, and the striking moka vertical, this custom-painted gravel bike is a true masterpiece, representing the perfect fusion of style and functionality. It is sure to turn heads and inspire admiration wherever it goes, becoming a symbol of personal expression and a testament to the limitless possibilities of custom bike design.

The “moka-bike” is already riding in Swiss, close to Velosaison Bike Shop.


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