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Flexus is the foldable bike created for hypersensitive cyclists that are aware of even the slightest variation in position and their bicycle’s setting. At times, even the slightest variation can change its features, but not only in terms of performance but more importantly for comfort. For this reason, many passionate riders prefer not to rent a bike and when they do they always have their “own” bike in mind. Their bike that was left at home is the one with which they feel as one.

Thanks to its small dimensions, it can follow you anywhere; always pedalling, while on vacation or at a training camp, with its own dimensions, seat, comfort and without compromising performance.

  • High module/High resistance Carbon-Kevlar
    Weight 1.270 gr

  • Wireless groupset only

  • 1.270 gr

  • FORK
  • Monocoque carbon – 390 gr
    Tapered steerer 1” 1/8 – 1” 1/2

  • Press Fit

  • 31,6 mm

  • Rim brake

The Daccordi design for this type of bicycle differentiates itself from any other bike similar on the market. Not only because it is the only bike of this type made of carbon fibre, but also because with simple technical changes we have maintained a light weight bicycle. Flexus weighs only 250 grams more than a non-foldable bike.

The tubing was created with a special Daccordi design with increased sections to guarantee maximum sturdiness and minimum dispersion in pedalling due to twisting. We use a high quality carbon fibre with high module/high resistance worked with Kevlar, and this allows Flexus to be at par with our other top of the line carbon fibre bicycles. It maintains the same handling and the same manoeuvrability with the ability to be folded and placed in a luggage with dimensions slightly larger than those of a single wheel.


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* Geometry and sizes are subject to change.

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The luggage was designed and made entirely in Daccordi with handles and four wheels to make transportation easier. Thanks to its reduced dimensions you don’t have to pay supplementary costs for sports equipment luggage while travelling with airlines!

aluminium and reinforced nylon fabric

67 x 67 x 27 cm – height including wheels: 73 cm

Kit included to assemble and disassemble the bicycle.

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  • Designed, made and painted in Italy
  • Video call to discuss the best bike and fitting for you
  • Simulation drawings for colour/Colour-simulated drawings
  • After-Sales Service: we offer support in assembling your bike

Flexus tailor-made

if you want and demand more, then the answer can only be found in the custom-made Flexus frame. Tailored to fit your size and riding style for the routes and distances you will cover.

  • Custom sizes: + 250,00 € (geometries and sizes)
  • Custom colours: + 250,00 € (colours different from our proposals). You can discuss the availability of unique colours with us.
  • Custom-made Flexus frame. Tailored to fit your size and riding style for the routes and distances you will cover.



Choose your Daccordi bike from our collection. You can decide to have it by selecting among the standard sizes or made to measure for you, for your characteristics and your style.

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