We enjoyed playing with colours with some Viator carbon frames. We usually start with customizations requested by our customers. But then we added some varied graphics, just to see what it would look like if …

We always remind people that the shape of the tubes heavily affects the result of colours. Sometimes we are asked to apply colours and graphics on completely different frames in form. It is feasible, but the result will be very different. This is why we often carry out graphic tests and deliver them to customers who contact us.

Not only this. The juxtaposition of colours also influences the neighbouring colour. So, for example, if we opt for a simple frame with a racing effect such as black/red, the final result will be that the red will be darker than the red placed on a white background instead.

Pink is considered a feminine colour. Yet there are also pink men’s shirts! We are ordered very few pink frames for men. Maybe it’s not enough an aggressive colour for carbon racing bike frames. Yet we also see it on the liveries of some Formula 1…

tel carbon bike frame 4

How do you manage to match 2, 3 or 4 colours on carbon frames? Starting with a colour palette certainly helps. Choosing the colour combinations that look good on a palette – you can also find many online which recommend colour varieties – can be a good rule. But sometimes you can also transgress it. We tell you this from experience: some customers go out of the ordinary and combine colours that do not have a logical sense together at first sight. But yet the final result is pretty good. This is because everything must be contextualized on the shape of the carbon frame or other bike materials.

tel carbon bike frame 2

And does it take colours from the automotive sector? Complex, it usually disappoints. Especially if you try to keep similar graphics, or bring colors back in the same order. The result is more beautiful if, for example, you take the Ferrari red, combine the black of the wings and the gold of the rims, mix the colours and bring them back to the bike in another form.

For some, bike colours are not so important. For others it is essential. We think the substance is the most part of the job. But aesthetics are just as important. This is why we always work hard to find the best colour combinations. But not only. In recent years, our research has focused on the quality of the colour itself. Quality is not intended as the structural resistance of the paint but as a gradation of colours. We believe this point improved greatly, thanks to our suppliers who satisfy our requests, and we are proud of it.


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