tailored bike for fabio
A new tailored bike for Fabio
This is the tailored bike we created for Fabio. One of the last Borea, our steel road bike.
Fabio thought about a different colour between the front and rear triangles.
The rear triangle is matt black and matching with the black wheels and tyres looks like something separated. This black part gives a sort of strength and racing to the final design. The front triangle is in Intenso Red. It is a dark red, which evokes car competition. Ferrari has many of these reds in his catalogue. A black line separates and cuts the frame into two parts in the very centre of the frame.
custom bike made to measure
This combination of colours gives a contrast between the two parts, but at the same time they balance each other. The dark red stands out and gives a unique character to the bike. It also gives a sense of speed and power. The black part gives a sense of strength and aggressiveness. This contrast between the two tones is perfect for a racing bike. The red part gives a sense of movement and speed, while the black gives a sense of strength and power. The combination of these two colours gives the bike a unique character and makes it stand out.
bici da corsa custom
When people come to us with a special design for a tailored bike, it is always hard to understand the project and create the bike as the cyclist has thought it. It is challenging, but the final result is always astonishing because usually brings inside it the personality of the cyclist who designed it. The soul inside makes the difference, and for us, the hardest part is to understand and catch the cyclist/designer’s soul.
tailored bike daccordi

The bike has been equipped with a Sram Force AXS groupset, to give an additional touch of modernity to the steel frame. The wheels chosen are the Fulcrum Racing 3 with super-comfort Challenge Tyres. As usual, we have adopted Deda components and a Selle Italia saddle.


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