Rusty Metal Paint on a Bella bike

Rusty metal paint has been quite fashionable in the last months among bicycles. So we thought to give a try to this colour. And we applied it on Bella, our super classic bike frame. What do you think about these photos? And what about this variation on...

How much does a steel road bike weigh?

How much does a steel road bike weigh? Many riders think about steel as a material from many years ago. But today pipes have evolved. The drawing of the tubes has changed, and today it is much more precise. And the result is frames that are – of course –...

A colourful gradient for Profidea.

A colourful gradient for Profidea. Profidea is a steel frame with a modern look. The oval shape of the front triangle tubes makes it look similar to an aluminium frame, while keeping the qualities and characteristics of the steel unaltered. Most people are amazed when...

A new steel road bike for Ivan

We took some photos in an urbex environment here in San Miniato, where we produce our bikes, this steel road bike Borea. The owner is Ivan, and he lives in Argentina. The bike will be packed and shipped. The colour of the steel frame is a gradient blue. We started...

Philip’s second Daccordi bike

We are delighted when customers choose us twice and would like to thank them for their continued support. We work hard to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience each time they choose us and will continue to strive for excellence. When people ask...


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