Borea: evolution of steel

There is so much veracity in the statement: ‘Design is Process’. Everyone can see the evolution of steel. Steel bikes are not the same as the frames built in the ’80es or ’90es. The frames that we fabricate are the outcome of an extensive progression of...

A custom carbon road bike for Vincenzo

A new custom carbon road bike for Vincenzo. The model is the new Daccordi Idioma equipped with a Sram Rival AXS. Vincenzo has chosen metallic silver as the main colour, with a touch of black and red logos. The frame is made of high-modulus carbon fibre and is designed...

A custom made 26″ road bike

A custom 26″ road bike. There are pros and cons about a 26″ road bike. It can be a brave choice. Sometimes it is a forced choice due to its size. Obviously, The pros are a smaller size, therefore, greater handling and lightness for a person of a stature...

A new steel road bike for Ivan

We took some photos in an urbex environment here in San Miniato, where we produce our bikes, this steel road bike Borea. The owner is Ivan, and he lives in Argentina. The bike will be packed and shipped. The colour of the steel frame is a gradient blue. We started...

Daccordi road bike review from the US

This is not just a road bike review like others, but a complete story. And we love stories, so we want to share this with you all. It’s about one of the latest bikes we made, a Borea. A steel road bike, custom made for Dave Hause, and shipped to the US to Old...


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